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On the Go Pack


Taking your fitness with you anywhere you go has never been so easy. Our On The Go Pack allows you to train whether you're traveling, spending the weekend away or simply wanting to take your workouts to a new location.  Our On The Go Pack contains: - Black Backpack - VF competition rope - Ab Mat - Rumble Roller -...

Redzone Pack - Male


The RedZone Pack was carefully designed by Vogue Fitness athletes to enable regular gym goers and competitive athletes alike to take their physical conditioning to the next level. The RedZone Pack is perfect for anyone who is looking to perform high volume repetitions with battle ready equipment with enhanced durability. Serious results await the RedZone Pack user.Our RedZone pack for...

Barbell Pack - Male


Vogue’s Barbell Pack is everything a weightlifter requires to achieve those PBs, from high repetition work through to single rep max lifts, the Vogue Fitness Barbell Pack is designed with intensity in mind. Perfect for the home gym set up or for a gym owner looking to add another station to their weightlifting arsenal.Our Barbell pack for men contains:- 20kg...

Warrior Pack - Male


The Vogue Fitness Warrior Pack turns any normal space into a fully functional gym and is the smart and easy way to get the equipment you need for virtually any workout. The Vogue Fitness team have carefully developed the Warrior package which is designed to help you do anything from a CrossFit WOD, to an Olympic Weightlifting session to mastering...

Strongman Pack


Getting strong at home has never been so easy. Our Strongman pack has been specifically picked by our world class athletes and will allow you to add all the variety required to be ready for the unknown and unknowable.  Our Strongmen pack contains: -32kg Kettlebell - 200lb Sandbag - 150lb Heavy D Ball - 100lb Dumbbells (pair) - Weightlifting belt...