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Vogue Fitness Gym Towel


Our premium quality gym towel is the perfect accessory for any workout session. Made from high-quality, super absorbent microfiber material, this gym towel is designed to keep you dry and comfortable throughout your toughest workouts. Whether you're hitting the gym or taking your fitness routine outdoors, our gym towel is an essential accessory for anyone who wants to stay clean,...

Booty Bands


Take your leg day to the next level. Our lightweight Booty Bands provide extra resistance to your regular workout whether you are at home or at the gym. This must have accessory will help your legs get stronger, and will leave you wanting for more!

Goat Tape Scary Sticky


The Goat Tape’s “Scary Sticky” athletic tape is the first sports tape developed specifically with CrossFit athletes in mind. Sticky Goat Tape welcomes all challenges - offering a firm grip, protection and support through the most punishing, sweat-soaked workout regimens. The key is a proprietary adhesive that excels where many brands of standard athletic tape can’t survive. The tape is...

Vogue Fitness 2.0 Gymnastics Grips


Our redesigned Vogue’s Gymnastics Grips are the perfect solution for hand protection during high-rep pull up, toe to bar and dozens of other hand punishing movements. Our streamlined, super strength design includes leather to reduce slippage and a very convenient hook and loop strap for ultra comfort. These Vogue Fitness grips have the Vogue Fitness logo boldly printed on the strap and more subtly embossed on the grip itself.  Never...

Vogue Fitness Widebase Gymnastics Grips


Designed with ultra protection in mind, our gymnastics groups are a superb hand protection solution for those long punishing high-rep WODs on the gymnastics bar. These super-strength designed grips help remove slippage and have a very convenient hook and loop strap for ultra comfort. These Vogue Fitness grips have the Vogue Fitness logo boldly printed on the strap and more subtly embossed on the grip itself.  Do NOT let your grip let you down....

Vogue Fitness Wrist Wraps


Our newly redesigned Vogue Fitness Wraps offer athletes a streamlined, super easy-to-adjust alternative to traditional, bulkier lifting wrist wraps.  Our wraps are sold in pairs and are the must-have accessory for weightlifters, gymnasts or functional training enthusiasts.

GRIP Liquid Chalk


GRIP liquid chalk can be used anywhere with no mess or unhealthy chemicals. This quick drying, long-lasting GRIP enhancer is guaranteed to improve performance.  GRIP liquid chalk is ideal for rock climbing, weightlifting, powerlifting, or during grueling CrossFit and gymnastics workouts. 

Vogue Fitness Wristbands (Pair)


Our stretchable cotton blend fabric wristbands are the perfect tool for sweat absorption. Proudly embroidered with the Vogue Fitness logo. The Vogue Fitness Wristbands are sold in pairs.

Vogue Fitness Yoga Mat


Stretch. Jump. Pulse. The Vogue Fitness Yoga Mat offers stability and comfort for every move during your pilates and yoga sessions.The mat offers fantastic support for the elbows, knees, hips & spine whilst the textured material on both sides ensures excellent grip in order to prevent slipping. Dimensions: 1830x610mm Thickness: 6mm

VF Tactical Backpack


Our 45L VF military Tactical Backpack is the perfect gym and outdoor bag designed specifically with the athlete in mind. The laser cut molle construction provides a clean aesthetic and strong composition whilst the bag itself offers a water proof solution. The backpack opens flat to 180 degrees making packing / unpacking a hassle free task.

Vogue Fitness Weightlifting Belt


Other than it's great price, our 15cm wide, 98.5cm long weightlifting belt is a superb weightlifting accessory for any athlete. Our nylon belt provides an incredibly firm and stable support of the abdomen and lower back which in turn helps you get the absolute best out of your weightlifting sessions. The belt is easy to adjust and allows for efficient transitions during your workout. 

Capital Vogue Snapback


The black Vogue Fitness flat brim snapback merges fashion with fitness. Stylish both in and outside of the gym. Do not lose your head.

Vogue Fitness Water Bottle


A typical UAE resident uses 450 plastic water bottles on an average in a single year. You doing your bit will help the planet. Our 750ml, black stainless steel drinks bottle with white Vogue Fitness logo weighs only 400g. With a capacity of  25oz and the ability to keep your beverage both hot and cold for hours this is the perfect accessory for staying hydrated at home, in the office or...

Vogue Fitness Reusable Coffee Mug


Take your favourite hot drinks on-the-go with the Vogue Fitness Coffee Mug. Our 400ml vacuum sealed stainless steel reusable mug will help keep your favourite beverages at their optimum temperature for up to three hours.  Weight: 300g Capacity: 16 0Z Material: Stainless Steel / Bamboo Fiber

Three Fold Gym Mat


The Vogue Fitness 3 Fold Gymnastics Mat is an exclusive 2'' thick pad that provides maxim support and comfort. This is the perfect training accessory for both your home and your gym for activities such as stretching, core work or basic gymnastics. This is a tailor fitted zippered PVC shell that maintains shape and form and is incredibly easy to clean. 

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