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Vogue Fitness Barbell Club T-Shirt


Introducing the latest edition to our apparel collection: Vogue Fitness Barbell Club T-Shirt. Featuring the Vogue Fitness Barbell Club subtly printed on the front, this oversized t-shirt embodies exclusivity and style at the same time. On the back of the t-shirt, “Don’t Drop The Bar” is printed in big letters to show our community who we are. We are Vogue...

Vogue Fitness Oversized T-Shirt


Introducing the Vogue Fitness Oversized T-Shirt, a blend of comfort and style that transitions from gym sessions to casual outings. Crafted from premium cotton, this t-shirt offers a loose fit for unrestricted movement during workouts, while the design makes it a fashion choice for outside of the gym. The words Vogue Fitness is subtly on the front, while the standout...

VF Fearless Crop T


Introducing the "VF Fearless Crop T" a bold blend of fierce fitness and fearless fashion. This premium crop tee seamlessly fuses the sophistication of Vogue Fitness with a powerful edge, delivering comfort and style for your most intense workouts or chic casual outings. Embrace strength, confidence, and a touch of glamour with this empowering statement piece.  

Vintage Vogue T-Shirt (Female)


Look great and feel comfortable in our vintage black, classic fit t-shirt. This unique vintage design stands out from previous releases and is the perfect addition for anyone looking to elevate their activewear game. Established in 2014, 'Vogue Fitness' proudly sits on the front of the shirt, while on the back the 'Obsessively Better' strap is presented. 

Capital Vogue Fitness T-shirt


A Vogue Fitness classic shirt that will never go out of style. These lightweight shirts are the perfect casual and training attire with the Vogue Fitness logo boldly printed on the front. The back of the shirt is home to the Vogue falcon and traditional Vogue Fitness logo.

Capital Vogue UAE Flag Crop T


The Vogue Fitness logo is proudly presented with the UAE flag across the front of the shirt. On the back, the iconic Vogue Fitness Falcon is visible along with our vision to 'Be Obsessively Better'.  This must have apparel is perfect for both leisure and training wear.

Capital Vogue Fitness Unisex Hoodie


A classic Unisex Vogue Fitness design. These lightweight hoodies are perfect winter wear and come with the Vogue Fitness logo boldly printed on the front.

Capital Vogue Stamina Tank


A highly ventilating running tank, designed for high performance in all conditions. The mesh design allows your body to move freely during prolonged workouts. The Vogue Stamina logo appears on the front, whilst the traditional Vogue Fitness logo is visible on the back.