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Vogue Fitness Barbells


The Vogue Fitness barbell features a 195'000 PSI tensile strength shaft, no central knurling and is made from a metal alloy of steel and hard chrome.The 20kg barbell has a 28mm diameter and is 2.2m in length. The 15kg and 7kg barbell both have a 25mm diameter. The 15kg barbell has a length of 2m and the 7kg barbell a...

Bumper Plates (Single)


Vogue Fitness' bumper plates are incredibly durable and engineered specifically for long term, repetitive use. Starting at 10lb and increasing to 15lb, 25lb and 45lb, our bumper plates have all of your weightlifting requirements covered.

Vogue Fitness Pound Pads (Pair)


Remove the next door neighbours noise complaints with Vogue Fitness Pound Pads. Our noise-dampening, shock-absorbing pads have been developed with Olympic Weightlifting and powerlifting in mind. These pads significantly reduce reduce the sound and vibration of bars/plates on the drop and are perfect for large training facilities that operate near other businesses and for those training in a residential area.  The Vogue Fitness Pound Pads...

Plate Stacker With Wheels


Designed for efficiency our easy to assemble plate stacker is the perfect vertical storage solution. Our stacker will keep your training space tidy and our wheel driven mechanism was designed with maneuverability in mind.

Barbell Collars (pair)


These barbell collars offer a vise like tightness allowing for your barbell to be dropped repeatedly from height without disrupting your training. Our collars are easy to attach and remove with superb long term performance. Repeatedly tested and compatible with standard Olympic and many speciality bars.

Fractional Plates (Single)


All weightlifters know that most PRs come in very small (yet satisfying) increments and the smallest weight can make for some big impacts in your training. Vogue Fitness fractional plates are sold individually in 2.5lb and 5lb singles that offer a rubber coating for an extremely firm hold on standard Olympic barbells. A superb finish with raised lettering provides the...