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Warrior Pack - Male


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The Vogue Fitness Warrior Pack turns any normal space into a fully functional gym and is the smart and easy way to get the equipment you need for virtually any workout. The Vogue Fitness team have carefully developed the Warrior package which is designed to help you do anything from a CrossFit WOD, to an Olympic Weightlifting session to mastering those gymnastics movements.

Our Warrior pack for men contains:

- 20kg Vogue Fitness Barbell
- Collars (Pair)
- 45lb Bumper Plates (Pair)
- 25lb Bumper Plates (Pair)
- 15lb Bumper Plates (Pair)
- 10lb Bumper Plates (Pair)
- 5lb Fractional Plates (Pair)
- 2.5lb Fractional Plates (Pair)
- Jump Box
- 50lb Dumbbells (pair)
- 24kg Kettlebell
- Ab Mat
- Rumble Roller
- Gymnastic Rings
- 45lb Slam Ball
- 20lb Wall Ball