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Interlocking High Performance Tiles


These high performance commercial grade interlocking gym floor tiles are perfect for both the indoor and outdoor home gym and were designed to ensure installation is a breeze. Specifications Surface: 1-2mm blue rubber granules  Base: 3-4mm black rubber granules 15% EPDM Size: 975mmx975mmx15mm

VF 1.0 Squat Rack


The VF 1.0 Squat Rack is the perfect starting point for your home gym. Offering maximum functionality within a small footprint, the rack is incredibly sturdy allowing you to do far more than bench press and squat. Specifications: 1854mm x 1200mm x 2164mm Weight: 65kg *Rate does not include installation or assembly  **All of our pull up rigs and stand...

VF 1.0 Horizontal Plate Rack


Our mobile plate storage cart features a built-in handle and wheels for stress-free portability. This horizontal storage unit will fit easily in your car and can be placed into a tight corner of your home gym or commercial facility.  Specifications: 1344mm x 405mm x 290mm Weight: 14kg

VF Kettlebell Storage Rack


The VF Kettlebell Storage Rack is the ultimate storage solution. Designed with both a commercial and personal gym space in mind, the VF Storage Rack helps ensure that your training area is tidy and efficient.  Specifications: 1500mm x 750mm x 520mm Weight: 49kg *Rate does not include installation or assembly  **All of our pull up rigs and stand / rack assemblies are not guaranteed against...

VF 1.0 Wall Mounted Bar Rack


No space, no problem. Our Wall Mounted Bar Rack will ensure efficient and safe storage of your barbells.