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Flat Bench


Our steel constructed flat benches accompany a neoprene pad and a pair of angled, wide-set legs for maximum stability. Our light yet durable, easy to manoeuvre flat bench is perfectly suitably for all athlete sizes and for high intensity workouts.

Vogue Fitness Sandbags


The Vogue Strongman Sandbags are heavy duty, no nonsense versatile training tools that can go anywhere at any time. Our bags have a built in filler bag that remains fully contained as you workout. These zipper closure bags come in 100lb, 150lb and 200lb sizes and are a superb training tool for the novice through to the experienced strongman. Note: This product...

Adjustable Bench with Wheels


The Vogue Adjustable Bench with wheels features multiple incline positions ranging from flat through to nearly 90 degrees. This efficiently engineered and comfortable bench offers perfect stability and is the ideal platform for you to perform your pressess.

VF Sled 1.0


The VF sled 1.0 is an adaptable push/pull streamline steel sled. The sled is effective on almost every surface and comes with sled ski holes and two steel poles. This battle ready portable sled is the perfect resistance training tool that allows you to maneuver the sled from both a high and low position.  *Rate does not include installation or assembly  **All of our...

Heavy D-Ball


Available in weight increments from 60lbs to 150lbs, Vogue Fitness D-Balls have a superb grip whilst offering incredible durability. Our D Balls have the feel of a gel- filled medicine ball with a textured shell. The outer rubberised shell produces a consistent dead bounce and is perfect for strength and strongman training alike.

VF GHD 1.0


Our fully adjustable GHD is designed to allow you to achieve optimum power whilst reaminging steady. This is the ultimate training tool for enahncing the midline and strengthing th glutes and hamstrings. Our bolt together GHD sits on a strudy base that allows for both comfort and reliability. The tool is not just suitable for the midline but is also...