Barbell Pack - Female </br> <p style="font-size:15px"> (Delivering Mid August) </p>

Barbell Pack - Female

(Delivering Mid August)

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Vogue’s Barbell Pack is everything a weightlifter requires to achieve those PBs, from high repetition work through to single rep max lifts, the Vogue Fitness Barbell Pack is designed with intensity in mind. Perfect for the home gym set up or for a gym owner looking to add another station to their weightlifting arsenal. 

Our Barbell pack for women contains:  

- 15kg Vogue Fitness Barbell
- Collars (Pair)
- 2.5lb Bumper Plates (Pair) 
- 5lb Bumper Plates (Pair) 
- 10lb Bumper Plates (Pair) 
- 15lb Bumper Plates (Pair) 
- 25lb Fractional Plates (Pair) 
- 45lb Fractional Plates (Pair)

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