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Vogue Fitness Varsity League T-Shirt


Introducing the Vogue Fitness Varsity League T-Shirt. The front features a small retro varsity-inspired Vogue Fitness graphic, while the back proudly displays the same logo in a bigger size. Crafted from premium, breathable fabric, this tee is your go-to for both the gym and the streets. Elevate your fitness wardrobe with this slick addition!

Vogue Fitness Barbell Club T-Shirt


Introducing the latest edition to our apparel collection: Vogue Fitness Barbell Club T-Shirt. Featuring the Vogue Fitness Barbell Club subtly printed on the front, this oversized t-shirt embodies exclusivity and style at the same time. On the back of the t-shirt, “Don’t Drop The Bar” is printed in big letters to show our community who we are. We are Vogue...

VF Fearless Crop T


Introducing the "VF Fearless Crop T" a bold blend of fierce fitness and fearless fashion. This premium crop tee seamlessly fuses the sophistication of Vogue Fitness with a powerful edge, delivering comfort and style for your most intense workouts or chic casual outings. Embrace strength, confidence, and a touch of glamour with this empowering statement piece.  

Vogue Fitness Oversized T-Shirt


Introducing the Vogue Fitness Oversized T-Shirt, a blend of comfort and style that transitions from gym sessions to casual outings. Crafted from premium cotton, this t-shirt offers a loose fit for unrestricted movement during workouts, while the design makes it a fashion choice for outside of the gym. The words Vogue Fitness is subtly on the front, while the standout...

Vogue Fitness Barbells


The Vogue Fitness barbell features a 195'000 PSI tensile strength shaft, no central knurling and is made from a metal alloy of steel and hard chrome.The 20kg barbell has a 28mm diameter and is 2.2m in length. The 15kg and 7kg barbell both have a 25mm diameter. The 15kg barbell has a length of 2m and the 7kg barbell a...

Bumper Plates (Single)


Vogue Fitness' bumper plates are incredibly durable and engineered specifically for long term, repetitive use. Starting at 10lb and increasing to 15lb, 25lb and 45lb, our bumper plates have all of your weightlifting requirements covered.

Vogue Fitness Dumbbells (Pair)


Vogue Fitness rubber hex dumbbells offer arguably the most effective way to add variance to any training program. Whether you are making your first equipment purchase or looking to expand your gym's capabilities, making dumbbells a priority will take your training to the next level. Our heavy-duty dumbbells stand the test of time and our rubber encased head minimises noise, floor damage and wear...



One of the simplest and yet most broadly functional pieces of equipment there is. Vogue Fitness kettlebells are perfect for cultivating strength, stability, and explosiveness. Available in a series of weights and sizes our kettlebells are designed with unmatched durability, grip, and ease of use our matte black powder coated finish Note: The Kettlebells are sold per unit.

Wall Balls


Individually crafted and stitched, Vogue Fitness wall balls are manufactured for high intensity training. Our customers can select from these weights (6lb,10lb, 14lb, 20lb, 30lb) all featuring the same diameter and scuff-resistant shell allowing for a consistent feel.

Slam Ball


Available in weight increments from 10lbs to 45lb, Vogue Fitness Slam Balls have the feel of a gel-filled medicine ball with a rubber textured outer shell offering amazing grip. These battle tested slam balls are great for working the entire body and unlike performing ball slams with a wall ball, they offer incredible durability for you to release some inner...

Goat Tape Scary Sticky


The Goat Tape’s “Scary Sticky” athletic tape is the first sports tape developed specifically with CrossFit athletes in mind. Sticky Goat Tape welcomes all challenges - offering a firm grip, protection and support through the most punishing, sweat-soaked workout regimens. The key is a proprietary adhesive that excels where many brands of standard athletic tape can’t survive. The tape is...

Vogue Fitness Widebase Gymnastics Grips


Designed with ultra protection in mind, our gymnastics groups are a superb hand protection solution for those long punishing high-rep WODs on the gymnastics bar. These super-strength designed grips help remove slippage and have a very convenient hook and loop strap for ultra comfort. These Vogue Fitness grips have the Vogue Fitness logo boldly printed on the strap and more subtly embossed on the grip itself.  Do NOT let your grip let you down....