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Concept 2 SkiErg


The Concept 2 SkiErg makes the sport of Nordic skiing available to everyone. Long recognized as delivering one of the toughest workouts around, Nordic skiing develops both strength and endurance and exercises the legs as well as the arms and core. The SkiErg can be used for both double pole and classic alternating arm technique. The SkiErg uses the same...

Core Mesh Tee


Athletic fit. Crew-cut ribbed neckline. 4-Way stretch performance fabric. Find your size:Chest Width: S - 92 cmChest Width: M - 98 cmChest Width: L - 104 cmChest Width: XL - 110 cmChest Width: XXL - 116 cm Front Body Length from Shoulder to Hem:S - 70 cmM - 72 cmL - 74 cmXL - 76 cmXXL - 78 cm

CrossFit Yas Patches


Let the competition know you represent the leading UAE gym. Vogue Fitness patches aren't flashy but for those in the know, they make it clear you stand for a higher standard. Patches can attach easily to a gym bag, jacket, hat, or other accessories. Please note that during sale periods delivery will be between 3 and 8 working days.

Essential Oversized Tee


Oversized fit. Breathable performance fabric. Sustainable product. Find your size:Chest Width: S - 110cmChest Width: M - 116cmChest Width: L - 124cm

Essential Pro 5 Inch Shorts


Regular fit. Engineered for training. Sustainable product. Get the right size:Waist Width: S -75 cmWaist Width: M - 80 cmWaist Width: L - 84 cmWaist Width: XL -89 cmWaist Width: XXL - 94 cm Inseam Length: 12.5 cm for all sizes

Essential V-Neck Tee


Regular fit. Soft breathable recycled fabric. Get the right size:Chest Width (bust): XS - 90 cmChest Width (bust): S - 96 cmChest Width (bust): M - 102 cmChest Width (bust): L - 109 cmChest Width (bust): XL - 116 cm

Flat Bench


Our steel constructed flat benches accompany a neoprene pad and a pair of angled, wide-set legs for maximum stability. Our light yet durable, easy to manoeuvre flat bench is perfectly suitably for all athlete sizes and for high intensity workouts.

Fractional Plates (Single)


All weightlifters know that most PRs come in very small (yet satisfying) increments and the smallest weight can make for some big impacts in your training. Vogue Fitness fractional plates are sold individually in 2.5lb and 5lb singles that offer a rubber coating for an extremely firm hold on standard Olympic barbells. A superb finish with raised lettering provides the...

Goat Tape Scary Sticky


The Goat Tape’s “Scary Sticky” athletic tape is the first sports tape developed specifically with CrossFit athletes in mind. Sticky Goat Tape welcomes all challenges - offering a firm grip, protection and support through the most punishing, sweat-soaked workout regimens. The key is a proprietary adhesive that excels where many brands of standard athletic tape can’t survive. The tape is...

GRIP Liquid Chalk


GRIP liquid chalk can be used anywhere with no mess or unhealthy chemicals. This quick drying, long-lasting GRIP enhancer is guaranteed to improve performance.  GRIP liquid chalk is ideal for rock climbing, weightlifting, powerlifting, or during grueling CrossFit and gymnastics workouts. 

Gym Massage Stick


Give your body some TLC! The Massage Stick's easy-grip handles (one on each end of the roller) allow for more precise, targeted treatment of specific trouble spots - large or small. Rolling, or self myofascial release before or after a workout helps relax muscles, improve blood circulation, reduce joint pain and assists with helping athletes recover faster.  This is a portable...

Heavy D-Ball


Available in weight increments from 60lbs to 150lbs, Vogue Fitness D-Balls have a superb grip whilst offering incredible durability. Our D Balls have the feel of a gel- filled medicine ball with a textured shell. The outer rubberised shell produces a consistent dead bounce and is perfect for strength and strongman training alike.

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